About Our Company and Our People

We offer a wide range of fun and educational play activities for children aged 1-12 years! All of these activities are situated in a clean, safe and secure indoor & outdoor space with a family friendly coffee shop for the parents to relax while the kids have the best time. Our menu is available on our page too. Affordable & value for money.
We make your child’s birthday party a breeze! We do the designing, setup, decor and cleaning of your private party room. You just come with your cake/cupcakes and have FUN!
We can customise your party to any theme and colour combo.
Our party room is private for your convenience. Our packages are affordable and also includes playtime for every child.
We also host a list of extra murial activities during the week.

Safe and Stimulating Play Areas (Indoor & Outdoor)

Affordable & delicious food and drinks for babies, kids & parents

Socialize with other Families & Friends

Unwind in a Relaxing Environment while your kids play freely

Pet friendly

FREE wifi

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